Myo Therapeutic Massage

Dave Sanchez, CMT


Dave Sanchez is an educator using a common sense approach to body awareness through movement and bodywork which is used to empower his clients. He is an advanced therapist, certified in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. Dave provides a therapeutic style massage incorporating various techniques such as Neuromuscular Movement, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point, Pincer Technique, Compression, Cupping, TENS unit, and PNF Stretches.

These techniques are specific for individual problems. He often works on people who experience chronic pain, repetitive motion injuries, sports and automobile related injuries. He has the gift of touch to help people with chronic and acute pain, and also for those "weekend warriors" who may have pushed themselves a bit too far.

Spiritually unfulfilled in the tech industry, knowing he had more to offer the world, Dave decided to go into massage so that he could give back to the community and help others. He knew this was his calling when he began studying different massage techniques and seeing the benefits it provided his clients. In addition to working out of his office at Dimensions in Health, he also offers on-site chair massage to corporate and local businesses.

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"In 2009, I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my neck. Not only was this extremely painful, but it also affected my work as a music teacher. Doctors suggested the typical drug approach. I refused. With Dave's guidance, I was able to get back to normal. I continue to make progress in every area of my physical well-being because of Dave's TLC. Thank you Dave!"

"Dave is a kind, knowledgeable, and caring professional who is exceptionally talented at helping relieve my pain and stress. He teaches me to understand how my body works and what I can do to achieve wellness in both body and mind."

"I had a lower back and SI joint issue, and after an operation in 2006, I started seeing Dave soon after for massage therapy. It was a slow process but Dave got me to a point where I could walk, workout in the pool and able to work in comfort after a weekly therapeutic session. The combination of deep bodywork, neuromuscular movement and facilitated strectches really saved the day, Thanks Dave. tonaxalya"

"I have had back pain for years. In the past I have seen doctors, Neurologists, Osteopaths, Physical Therapy, Acupuncturist and have tried many types of pain treatments. I would feel a little better for a while and then I would be back into my painful cycle. I was told that the best that could be done was to treat the pain with medication and just "manage the pain". One day when the pain was unbearable I called Dave (a friend recommended him) and I got immediate relief. I started going to him often and regularly until I was stable and have now worked myself to a maintenance plan of every 4 weeks. I cannot remember the last time I felt this good for so long. I highly recommend this for any chronic pain. I have had deep tissue massages in the past that were not as effective. Dave uses special techniques and knows how to release the tensions in your muscles. He is a professional that cares and that you can count on."

" I first went to Dave with low back pain which started to shoot down my leg and give me leg numbness. It amazed me that he knew where the root of my pain was stemming from by just doing a few simple alignment checks. He encorporates several different massage techniques and stretches to alleviate and breakdown my pain. He gives a true deep tissue massage, not a fluffy froo froo type. After the first session, I felt significantly better and then after a few more regular sessions, my pain was gone!"